Speakers and Abstracts We are pleased to announce that speakers from 15 countries will present their expertise at the 1st Mediterranean Pet Food Seminar. Speaking on a wide range of petfood subjects they join us from the Mediterranean and southern Europe regions, throughout Europe and the USA. We welcome them to Pula and look forward to an interesting seminar.
1st Mediterranean Pet Food Seminar
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Stefan Anbro , Euromonitor
Stefan Anbro is senior research analyst at the renowned market research company Euromonitor International. Specialising within the area of food and nutrition, Stefan Anbro is an expert on industry trends within both human food and pet food in an European context. Besides contributing to Euromonitor International’s research in the above mentioned areas, Stefan frequently acts as a market commentator in trade press, podcasts and videocasts.   
Patricia Bruinsma, Jadis Additiva
Patricia Bruinsma has studied at a Dutch business school and has a Bachelor degree Marketing. During her studies she carried out field research to identify the buying behavior of Dutch farmers. In 2004 she started her first job at Jadis Additiva and commercially developed an innovative iron supplement for piglets that supports animal welfare, animal health and performance. By practical experiences, “learning by doing” and meeting with many animal feed technicians on a day-to-day basis she developed her technical and market knowledge within the European animal feed industry. Since 2007 Patricia Bruinsma got the opportunity to represent Jadis Additiva in various European markets. At present the main focus of her commercial activities are in Scandinavia and Germany.  Patricia Bruinsma is married and has two children. She likes to travel and has a passion for Disney.    
Dr.Diana Brozić, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Zagreb
Postdoctoral    researcher    at    the    Department    of    Animal    Nutrition    and    Dietetics,    Faculty    of Veterinary   Medicine   of   the   University   of   Zagreb.   The   abovementioned   has   worked   in   the   field   of animal   physiology   and   nutrition   for   the   last   4   years.   She   participated   in   international   projects   and was   awarded   with   the   bilateral   scholarship   CMEPIUS    Slovenia   2013/2014   at   the   Veterinary   Faculty of   the   University   of   Ljubljana,   at   the   Institute   of   Hygiene   and   Pathology   of   Animal   Nutrition.   The area    of    her    scientific    and    research    specialization    include    fatty    acid    metabolism,    nutritional biochemistry and small animal dietetics.
Milka Kosanovic Tesla, Passion4feed AS
Has formal education within animal science and nutrition and holds MSc in Feed Manufacturing Technology. Milka has hands on over 12 years corporative experience from animal feed, ingredients, aqua and pet food industry. Milka was working for Felleskjøpet RA, AM Nutrition and Ewos Innovation within areas of process, product development and research. Today Milka is running Passion4Feed AS, company that is providing product development and ingredient application services for pet food industry. Milka runs trainings and workshops and helps industry to keep up with their formulations.
Dr. Klaus Hoffmann, Chemoforma
Dr. Hoffmann holds Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry from the Free University Berlin / Germany. He did his postdoctoral fellowship the department “Genetics of Eucaryotes” at the Society for Biotechnological Science Braunschweig/Germany, at SANDOZ Pharma Basel/Switzerland working on cellular in vitro systems in early preclinical development of new pharmaceutical compounds. and at the Biocenter of the University of Basel/Switzerland investigating the molecular mechanism of Phenobarbital induced expression of P450 genes in primary hepatocytes. He is  Co-founder and laboratory supervisor of Proteingenesys Ltd., a startup company offering custom protein expression services in bacteria and yeast. In 2011 he became Manager Scientific Services of Chemoforma Ltd. with responsibilities in quality control, safety, marketing as well as  training of customers and distributors. In the period of 2011-20013 he attended the Executive Master of Business Administration course at University of Applied Sciences Nordwestschweiz, Basel/Switzerland Dr.Hoffmann is today CEO of company Chemoforma and member of the board for Peninsula Laboratories  International, Inc. and ProBio AG.
Dr. Giacomo Biagi, University of Bologna
Degree in Veterinary Medicine (Grade: 110/110 cum laude) at the University of Bologna in 1994. Military service as veterinary lieutenant in the Guardia di Finanza. Ph.D. Degree in “Quality improvement of food of animal origin” in 2000. Since 2010, Associate Professor at the Dept. of Veterinary Medical Sciences  of the University of Bologna for which he is head of the Service of Animal Production and Food Safety since  2015. Member of the FEDIAF Scientific Advisory Board. Author of several scientific  publications and speaker at national and international congresses. His main research field is the nutrition of dogs and cats.
Dr. Radmilo Čolović, University of Novi Sad, Institute of Food Technology
Dr. Radmilo Čolović is graduated (2007) and holds a PhD (2013) in food engineering from the Faculty of Technology, University of Novi Sad, Serbia. After graduation he was working as teaching assistant at Faculty of Technology at Department of Chemical Engineering. Since 2009 he is employed as research associate at Institute of Food Technology (FINS), University of Novi Sad, at Research centre for feed technology and animal products. He is also head of pilot plant for thermal processing of food and animal feed at FINS institute and coordinator of several scientific and commercial projects. Radmilo performs research related to process technology and process engineering in food and feed industry. Most of the numerous published scientific articles are related to the topic of optimization of unit operations, such as mixing, pelleting, extrusion, etc., and investigation of effects of these operations on product quality and safety.
Swedish citizen living in Stockholm, Sweden. Master of Science in Chemical Engineering 1985 from Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden Has got 10 year experience in the vegetable oil industry prior to Perten Instruments employment. With Perten Instruments since 1995. Have held various positions within Perten Instruments in both Area Sales Management and the Marketing department. Is since approx. 10 years Product Manager for the full Rheology range.
Martin Hallin, Perten AB
Dr. Guido Bosch, Wageningen University
Dr. Guido Bosch is a researcher in the Animal Nutrition Group of the Department of Animal Sciences  (Wageningen University, the Netherlands). He obtained his PhD degree for his work on the influence of nutrition on behaviour in dogs. Currently, his main area of expertise is feed evaluation research in pet and production animals. His research is mainly focused on understanding the food properties that drive appetite and food intake behaviour and on the evaluation of nutritional and (dys)functional characteristics of (novel) foods and ingredients. Examples of recent projects are unravelling mechanisms of fermentable fibres to prolong satiety, the formation and bioavailability of Maillard reaction products in extruded pet foods, and the evaluation of nutritional properties of insects as novel dietary protein sources for animal feeds. Finally, he has a strong interest in the evolutionary history and feeding ecology of animals, which may help to further understand the origin of their digestive physiological and metabolic idiosyncrasies and to improve their foods for health and longevity.
With a master degree in food science, Loïc has almost 20 years experience in the pet food industry. He joined DIANA Pet Food in 1995 and specialized in scientific research focused on palatability enhancers application.Since 2004, he has been developing Aplicalis, a unique service from DIANA Pet Food division that provides pet food manufacturers with technical expertise to maximize process performance. Audits, SPF PROPERTY – Trainings, Kibble analysis… everyday, Loïc assists pet food manufacturers worldwide in the task of optimizing their palatability performance and cost
Dr. Božo Radić graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Zagreb in 2006. He specializes in Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine,  therapeutic endoscopy procedures in particular. CEO of the family-owned Hedera. Hedera is a company in private ownership that was established in year 1988. Its core business is production of products from natural sources of herbal and bee origin without chemical processing of raw materials, which results in the uniqueness of every single product and is guarantee of quality. Bozo and his R&D team has developed new health supplement line for pets based on bee products and is continuing with further research on the topic.
Dr. Božo Radić, Hedera d.o.o.