Speakers and Abstracts We are pleased to announce that speakers from 15 countries will present their expertise at the 1st Mediterranean Pet Food Seminar. Speaking on a wide range of petfood subjects they join us from the Mediterranean and southern Europe regions, throughout Europe and the USA. We welcome them to Pula and look forward to an interesting seminar.
1st Mediterranean Pet Food Seminar
nordic pet food events TM  
Dutch by birth. Living in Holland and Spain. Married with children and grand-children. Since donkey’s years we have dogs and cats in our menagerie.Pet food veteran with 34 years in the industry behind me. In international senior and top management jobs in the industry. First president Iams International in Europe. Independent business-consultant for the pet industry since 1995. Mainly privately held, medium-sized clients. Helping these clients to come to decisions when choices need to be made at the cross-roads. And many times helping these clients with the implementation of these choices. Frequently involved in M&A projects and a builder of strategic alliances. And still with “product in my genetic make-up”. Have presented papers at Petfood Forums in Chicago, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Bangkok and Kansas City. As well as at other conferences in Hamburg, Barcelona, Firenze and Brussels
Dr. Miroslav Hadnađev, University of Novi Sad, Institute of Food Technology
Miroslav Hadnađev is a research associate at Institute of Food Technology, University of Novi Sad, Serbia and technological coordinator for carbohydrate based products at FINSLab (accredited laboratory according to the standard SRPS EN ISO 17025 for testing of food and feed). He received his PhD in Food Science and Technology at the Faculty of Technology, University of Novi Sad, Serbia. His research interests mainly focus on design and rheological, textural and structural characterization of carbohydrate based food products in order to get insight into structure-function-processing relationship. He co-authored more than 50 publications, including 27 peer-review articles and 2 book chapters and participated in different national and EU funder research projects. From 2015, he is a guest professor at Bromatology and Food safety control courses, at Faculty of Pharmacy, Novi Sad, Serbia.
David Primrose is a food technologist by training. He holds a Diploma in Food Technology, a degree in Chemistry and an MSc in Food Safety Management. Passionate about petfood he combines his passion with provision of training and technical consultancy. David has more than 37 years' Research & Development experience in the food industry and petfood industry working with Unilever, Mars Petcare and his own technical consultancy Synergy Food Ingredients Ltd (SFI Ltd), based in the UK. In addition to working with Mars Petcare for more than 25 years, through his own business (SFI Ltd), David has worked with petfood manufacturers and ingredient suppliers throughout Europe and Asia helping them to develop products and systems (food safety management and quality) to keep our pets safe. He runs training workshops and regularly speaks at petfood conferences.
David Primrose, Synergy Food Ingredients Ltd
Dr.Sabine Artelt , MTSE GmbH  
Dr. Sabine Artelt has studied analytical chemistry at the University of Hanover and made her Ph. D. developing an analytical method to determine platinum in automobile exhaust. Her first job was to write Environmental Health criteria documents for the International Programme on Chemical Safety of the World Health Organisation, Genf. After that she was head of the analytical department of inorganic chemistry of the Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine. From 1999 to 2000 she worked for a technology transfer institute called “Bayern Innovative”. In the year 2000 Dr. Sabine Artelt founded Micro Tracers Services Europe GmbH (MTSE GmbH) situated in Germany. Within MTSE GmbH she developed the analytical method for detection of homogeneity and carry-over in feed, food, petfood, spices and pharmaceutical products which was integrated into the quality assurance system GMP + and Ovocom. She rolled out the method all over Europe and actually is working in over 20 countries with 8 license laboratories in Europe. Dr. Sabine Artelt is married and has five children. If she is not working or caring for the family, she likes to dance, do yoga or read books.
Tom Vanderborght, DSM Nutritional Products NV   
Tom Vanderborght joined DSM Nutritional Products in 2015 as European Sales Manager Pet Nutrition. In this role he is responsible for translating the specific needs of the European pet food industry in value added products and services, together with a team of dedicated pet nutrition experts. DSM is the world’s leading producer of vitamins offered through a comprehensive global network of premix plants. DSM is the only producer who can supply the complete range of vitamins and carotenoids in the most suitable forms for all possible animal and human uses. Being the only fully integrated player allows DSM to differentiate itself all the way through the chain. Tom Vanderborght gained broad international experience in sales and marketing in the animal feed industry. Prior to joining DSM, he worked in Brazil for a global feed additive supplier where he headed the regional Marketing department. He holds a Master of Science Degree in Bioengineering from Leuven University, Belgium.
Dr. Hermann Bourgeois, on behalf of Longlive group
Hermann Bourgeois graduated from the Veterinary School at the University of Ghent (Belgium) in 1986. After seven years mixed practice he completed his studies in 1995 and graduated in Animal and Human Epidemiology from the Pasteur Institute of Paris. He obtained the Diploma of Specialization in Applied Microbiology and Genetics (Paris V) and the University Degree in Molecular Medical Genetics for his work based on the detection of genetic markers in infectious disease at the University of Rennes (France). In 1999, Hermann joined the Royal Canin Research and Development Center as veterinarian and clinical supervisor of the dog and cat units. His investigative interests focus on nutritional behavior and food acceptance in pets with an emphasis on therapeutic diets. Dr Bourgeois was during eight years in charge of scientific communication for the Research and Development Division of the Royal Canin Group. Since 2008, Dr Bourgeois is involved as senior adviser in the development and innovation programs of main key players in pet food and feed business.
Dr. Jelena Šuran, Faculty of Veterinary  Medicine, Zagreb
Jelena Šuran works as an assistant professor at the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology at the  Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of  Zagreb. She teaches Pharmacology to 3rd year students of veterinary medicine and Bioresidue monitoring to postgraduate students (doctoral students) of Veterinary science. She mentors undergraduate and doctoral students in scientific research. Her main scientific interests are experimental pharmacology and toxicology & drug research and development. She is a member of Croatian toxicology society, The American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET), Croatian veterinary chamber and Center for Civil Courage. She is a secretary of Global GI club- ASPET/FASEB guest society. She co-authored 13 scientific papers and 7 congress abstracts in journals indexed in CC bases, 9 original research papers in journals indexed in SCI base, 3 books and 2 invited lectures. Currently, she is the leader and project manager/coordinator of EU project APIMAST: „Intramammary propolis formulation for prevention and treatment of mastitis in dairy ruminants“, financed by European Regional Development Fund`s structural instrument.
Curtis Strahm, Wenger   
Dr. Curtis Strahm is a Director of Extrusion Application for the Companion Animal Division of Wenger Mfg. Inc.  He received a B.S. degree in Business Administration from Missouri Western State.  He has been active in R&D, equipment application and process solutions since 1989 with various product/equipment patents.  He presents equipment and process solutions to the pet food industry in public and private forums worldwide.